ONE AC was developed and patented by bio-chemist Raymond F. LeRoy Sr. in 1994

Years prior, a veterinary friend of Ray’s presented to him the problem of equine anhidrosis (failure to sweat properly) that many horses suffered from.  At that time, there was very little known about anhidrosis (also called dry coat and nonsweater) and even less known on how to treat the problem.  Being the curious scientist that he was, he began research.

When Ray completed developing ONE AC, he and his wife Barbara started the business, MPCO – The Magic Powder Company and ran it together out of their home for 19 years.  After Ray’s passing in September 2010, Barbara continued to run the business until the time of her passing in December 2013.

ONE AC has been on the market for 25 plus years helping many thousands of horses to sweat again and perhaps even saving some of their lives.